How does Want Wizard work?

Want Wizard works in reverse of online auction sites. Instead of creating a listing for selling an item, you list an item that you want. Alternatively if you have something to sell or give away, you can search Want Wizard to see if someone wants what you have.

Can I add pictures to my listing?

Yes, you can add up to 4 images for free with your listing. Any images after this will be charged at $2 per image. But please be aware that some Google images are subject to copywrite and are not to be used. If you want to know which images you can use, you can read more here.

Can I sell on Want Wizard?

Want Wizard is an online auction site for listing items or services that you want. You cannot create a listing for selling. You can however search to see if someone wants what you have. You can then put in a bid to them to sell your item or service.

Does the highest or the lowest bid win?

The winning bid is not necessarily the highest or lowest price. The party that listed the wanted item can choose which bid they want.

Can I clarify with the seller about a bid?

There is a messaging option on Want Wizard where you can contact the other party directly. Your messages can been seen here.

I have chosen my preferred bid. What do I do now?

On your wanted listing, click on Send Message next to the successful bid to message them directly. You will then need to deposit money via PayPal into your Want Wizard account and then transfer the amount across to the other party. If the item is for local pickup, you can provide payment directly to the seller.

What if I have something to sell and no body wants it?

We do recommend you to try visit us frequently as out listings update very regularly.